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For three decades, Carol Poet has worked as an Interior Designer in Los Angeles for entertainment legends, top athletes and major corporate executives, becoming an industry force and legend in her own right.

Born in Seattle, as a child Carol Poet’s family moved to New York City. The initial shock soon gave way to an understanding, love and appreciation of the cultures of both the East and West Coast along with an awareness of the major differences in each urban landscape and lifestyle. This has played a major role in Carol’s personal and creative development as she says, "the culture shock of New York City made me quickly understand the phrase what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger."

With a father who was a theology student and singer and a mother who always worked outside the home; as an only child, Carol Poet learned early on to fend for herself and to take on the responsibility and chores of the house. At an early age she learned to cook, clean and sew. She would often rearrange the furniture and paint walls. “I was really the first Martha Stewart, and before I turned 10.�? No challenge was too much and this experience lead her down the path of creativity, which would influence her various careers.

Carol Poet always had a love for fashion and had a short, sweet career as a clothing buyer on Seventh Avenue in New York. She returned to the West Coast, but this time settled in Los Angeles. Raising a daughter became her next joyful challenge, but once her daughter started school it was time to go back to work. This time she decided to put her love of fashion and fabrics together with the world of interior design and furniture. A new career was born.

After finishing an initial apprenticeship, she landed a coveted position with an architectural/interior design firm, Sharon Landa Design Associates. Soon she became a partner and the firm changed its’ name to Landa – Poet Design Associates. During the decade of this partnership, Poet became a Certified Interior Designer. She also served on the Board of Directors of the International Society of Interior Designers (ISID), and became a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).

After that “amazing decade of having the best mentor and teacher possible, my partner Sharon Landa, it was time to go off on my own,�? says Poet. She founded her own interior design firm, Poet Design Company in 1987. As a result of her training with Landa, and her understanding of architectural design, her firm does interior and construction design for residential and commercial projects.

The next challenge, like many great ideas, grew from a personal need. After years of designing custom furniture for clients, it was a natural progression to create a furniture line. “These pieces were designed and created because we couldn’t find what we needed in the market place.�? And there is much more to come. Poet Furniture is officially launched in late 2007.

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